VENETIAN TERRAZZO : art beneath the soles of your feet. Unlike other types of flooring, the result is a product constituted of a single, undivided block, the fruit of peerless technical prowess.

Historical Background

It is the Floating city of Venice that gave its name to Venetian Terrazzo, also called ‘Venetian flooring’ or ‘Venetian seminato’. Although the technique can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Venice is the place where the technique and craft developed and flourished.
Initially, granito was nothing more than crushed terracotta probably recycled from demolished buildings, which was then mixed with lime.
The insertion of fragments of marble into the mixture was probably done for aesthetic reasons, but it had the additional effect of increasing the floor’s resistance to wear and tear.

The Technique

Terrazzo is made of granules of marble with a diameter of up to 40mm, bound together by a pebble-based lime or by cement made out of fine grit (graniglia) and opus signinum.
Terrazzo is a type of flooring that is manufactured entirely on-site, meaning that the whole floor is a remarkable single, continuous surface, unmarked by joints or gaps.
Terrazzo is a unique work of art that has its own hues, mosaics, and coloured glass. Each terrazzo differs from the others and is unique: it is impossible to reproduce the same texture or pattern twice.
This wonderful flooring can be installed on a wide range of foundations, including traditional screeds made of sand and cement, or existing floors of all kinds.
The method is the same today as it was 50 years ago; once the screed has been prepared and levelled, the granules of marble are scattered. The terrazzo is then beaten, polished, coated in linseed oil, and finally waxed.

Contemporary Venetian Terrazzo

Venetian terrazzo fits any type of interior design, whether classical, modern or contemporary.
Unlike mosaic, terrazzo is a technique that produces smooth surfaces, creating a distinctive effect, even though it is composed with fragments of marble and other materials of variable thickness.
Terrazzo fits any type of building, and together we can create a unique and personalized floor, choosing from an infinite variety of materials and colours.
Shining like an endless carpet of light, and whatever the interior style, terrazzo is a refined element that brings warmth and softness to any room.

Works featuring this technique

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