SERVICE. This catalogue aims to present a heritage of experiences and memories, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

The selection features some of the most prestigious Italian techniques and is designed for an international audience who seeks exclusivity and uniqueness.


hiara Pecorelli selected some of the most prestigious Italian techniques and designed her offer for a passionate international audience seeking exclusivity and uniqueness.
Chiara will assist you in the conception and realisation of a project where authentic Italian identity will harmoniously blend With the local specificities of your home, whether in Paris, London, Tokyo or anywhere else in the world.
The collaborative process starts with an advisory phase, where the objectives and outline of the project are decided together, including interior design plans and cost estimates. Once the project is validated, a team of highly specialized artisans from Italy will start their work on-site, providing quality and uniqueness to your interior design.
Each of the techniques selected by Chiara Pecorelli can be tailor-made and re-invented to suit your preferences.

Remaining faithful to the authenticity of Italian artisanry, the product of an ancestral culture

Italy’s eternal diversity, this unique mosaic of cultures, is reflected in each city, each village and each town’s stories and traditions, beauty, stones and colours.
These differences have led to wars, to the creation of borders and walls, and to profound historical, religious, and political misunderstandings. Yet they have also exhilarated Italian creativity and inventiveness: The country boasts an extraordinary variety of activities in the fields of art and architecture, whose reputation around the world dates back centuries.

Italian craft is also about looking forward and innovating.

From this fertile creative inventiveness sprung the typical “manual expertise”, which looks towards new technologies and embraces them whilst keeping alive the unique qualities of artisanal know-how and traditional materials.
A trip across the country is an immediate immersion into a world of craft where history, memory and tradition mix with art and technology.
At the heart of this artisanal production fabric are small and mid-sized family businesses, rooted in handmade traditions and working in the shadows, away from the spotlight. You might not know them, yet their products are famous around the world.
They use avant-garde technologies, new materials and improved production techniques, and look at innovation as a way to defend tradition and to create a contemporary aesthetic language.

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