THE PRESTIGE AND QUALITY OF ITALIAN ARTISANRY, RIGHT AT HOME. Discover the richness of the materials and the elegance of the most famous techniques of Italian artisanry. We offer the best of “Made in Italy” adapted to your tastes and integrated into new, contemporary contexts.

The Marmorino

Marmorino’s defining coat is soft to the touch and shines like a mirror. Applied to your walls, it will provide your home with a refined warmth and a unique light.
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The mosaic

Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Sagrada Familia, the Mecca Clock Tower, the Grand Palace of Bangkok, what do all of these places have in common?
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The Venetian terrazzo

It's a mirror of the patience, the rigor of every working hand, the endurance of every curved back. Reflected in it is a glorious past, attentive to beauty.
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The gold leaf

Golden tones play a central role in the aesthetics of interior design, bringing new light by multiplying the warmer tones and attenuating the colder ones.
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…”Made in Italy” ?